Beavers Bend Part 1

Friday afternoon we left for a long weekend in Beavers Bend, Oklahoma. The boys were excited to spend the weekend in a cabin and Daddy and Mommy were excited to spend the weekend having fun with friends.


We arrived after dark Friday and had some difficulty finding our cabin. Those tiny roads through the woods were no joke. We let the boys run off some energy inside the cabin and then put them in bed so the grown up vacation should begin. We played KinderPerfect on the first night until the girls decided to go to sleep (the guys stayed up playing Poker with Veggie Straws). The next morning after breakfast, and a quick scare where we thought we had lost Luke, we gathered up the 8 adults and 6 kids and headed out for a nature hike. The trail was labeled beginner so I would hate to see what the expert trail looked like. The kids had a great time picking up rocks and checking out bugs. Lang of course fell in the shallow creek bed and was soaked up to his arm pits.

After our hike we headed to Grateful Head Pizza and back to the cabin for naps. That evening we headed out to the brewery where we enjoyed Flights of Beer and Luke got his leg stuck in a corn hole game. We finished out the day with a late dinner and a couple rounds of What Do You Meme.

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